The first issue of this journal is scheduled for 2nd Semestre of 2018 and is devoted to the contents and implications of the new directives of the public procurement approved by the EU in 2014 having been transposed by most of the member states.

Therefore, authors are invited to submit papers for this issue until 30 June of 2018 focusing namely these subjects:

  • From coordination of awarding procedures to public procurement directives;
  • Digital Economy and e-public procurement;
  • Public Markets accessibility;
  • Habilitation and methods for economic operators qualification;
  • Participation of SMEs and of Micro Firms in Public Markets;
  • Most Economically Advantageous Tender award criterion using quality/ price ratio;
  • Life cycle costing;
  • Formulation of social and environmental criteria;
  • E-public procurement and electronic signatures and time stamps;
  • Dynamic Acquisition Systems; Framework Agreements and E-Catalogues;
  • Competitive Procedure with Negotiation;
  • Competitive Dialogue; Subdivision of Contract Objects into Lots;
  • Methods to estimate the Procurement Value;
  • Contract Performance;
  • Performance Evaluation Indicators;
  • Performance based contracting;
  • Bad performance exclusion;
  • Regulation, monitoring and assessment of public markets;
  • Strategies and initiatives to prevent corruption;
  • Cross border procurement.