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Public Procurement of Innovation: A Cultural Challenge!


  • Luís Valadares Tavares – [email protected]
    Full Professor Emeritus of Systems and Management, Instituto Superior Técnico and Full Professor of Management, Lusíada University. President of the Portuguese Observatory of Technology Foresight (OPET) , President of the Portuguese Society of Public Markets (APMEP), Coordinator and Researcher of COMEGI (Research center on organizations, markets, and industrial management), Chief-Editor of European Journal of Public Procurement Markets (EJPPM), Scientific Advisor of VORTAL and Ombudsman of the Portuguese. Previously he was General Director of Planning Education and Manager of The Education Investment Program (PRODEP) of the Ministry of Education (88-92) , President of the Education Committee of OECD (90-92) and President of the Portuguese Institute of Public Administration (INA) (2003-2007). Invited Professor of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences of the Portuguese Catholic University and of several foreign Universities. Expert on Decision Sciences , Negotiation and Conflict Management , Public Management , Public Procurement , e-Public Procurement and Social Networks. He was appointed by the Scientific Council of IST (University of Lisbon) to conduct with Prof. Gregory Parnell and Prof. Paulo Martins the evaluation of the Department of Engineering and Management of IST (University of Lisbon). Author of 25 books edited by OPET, INA , Mcgraw-Hill and Kluwer and he is author of more than 85 research papers published by international scientific journals


The promotion of innovation is a key objective of modern public policies promoting sustainable development and public procurement of innovation can be considered as a strategic instrument of such policies as it is clearly expressed by the recent EU Directives on public procurement.
The concept and the requirements of public procurement of innovation (PPI) are studied in this paper identifying traditional obstacles to its dissemination and suggesting several initiatives allowing an easier application of this concept compromising legal traditions with innovative rules.
Special attention is given to the new Portuguese legal framework transposing 2014 Directives focusing on its new potential but also on shortcomings that should be corrected shortly.


Public procurement of innovation (PPI); EU directives; MEAT; flexibility; public interest



Tavares, L. V. (2019). Public Procurement of Innovation: A Cultural Challenge!, European Journal of Public Procurement Markets, 2(1), 07-18.