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Striking a Balance Between EU Competition Law and Public Procurement Law: Analysing the CJEU attempt in the Vossloh Laeis case


  • Vittoria Moccia – [email protected]
    Recent graduate of the LLB International and European law at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. Apart from her work in the public procurement and competition law domain, her primary area of interest is environmental law, such that her bachelor thesis explored the possibility of attributing legal personality to nature in the EU constitutional framework.


The present Insight offers an analysis of the judgment of the Court of Justice in the Vossloh Laeis case (judgement of 24 October 2018, case c-124/17, Vossloh Laeis GmbH v Stadwerke München GmbH), which seeks answers to the extent of cooperation required from an economic operator wishing to demonstrate its reliability towards both the investigating and the contracting authorities. Taking into consideration the AG’s opinion and the CJEU findings, this Insight exposes some of the legal obstacles that follow from the interplay between EU competition and public procurement law and the CJEU attempt at harmonizing two otherwise often conflicting policy areas.


Vossloh Laeis; Directive 2014/24; self-cleaning programs; leniency agreements; public procurement; competition law.