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Direct Award, the New Normal in times of Covid-19


  • Catarina Pinto Correia – [email protected]
    Joined VdA in 1996. Partner of the Public Law practice, she is regularly involved in advising several matters of Public Law, including public procurement, pre-contractual litigation, administrative concessions, Public-Private Partnerships, public regulation and public funds. She has participated in several transactions, mainly focused on the energy, postal, transport, infrastructures, health, telecoms and agribusiness sectors and advises clients on projects supported by EU Funds. She leads VdA’s agribusiness team and is the sponsor Partner of the Díli Office (East Timor). Admitted to the Portuguese Bar Association and admitted to the Timor-Leste Law Society (Conselho de Gestão e Disciplina da Advocacia de Timor-Leste).



This article outlines the main exceptional and temporary measures adopted in Portugal to address the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.



Public procurement, exceptional and temporary measures, Covid-19 pandemic, direct award.



Correia, C. P. (2021). Direct Award, the New Normal in times of Covid-19, European Journal of Public Procurement Markets, 3(8), 111-124.