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The Amagasaki Pilot Social Impact Bond in Japan – Participation of SMEs in Public Markets


  • Shinji Hosomi – [email protected]
    PhD student at Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan while working for an electronic company in Osaka; born in 1961 in Kobe; received a BA of Sociology in 1984; his business career started as overseas sales and marketing for KYOCERA Corporation, Kyoto; then appointed to serve in Hamburg in 1988; Reading, UK and Paris in 2001 as Managing Director of the affiliates companies; during his time in Germany he was appointed as the industry committee member of JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization in Europe; received an MBA in 2016 from Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan; having been elected a director of finance in CIPFA-Japan, The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, Japan Branch in September 2018; his research interest includes philanthrocapitalism, social polarization and new models of corporate giving.


Social Impact Bond (SIBs) attracts massive attention recently not only by major enterprises, but by SMEs in Japan to solve the social problems. This paper analyzes the first SIBs case on youth employment support in Amagasaki, Japan as well as the first SIBs case in Augsburg, Germany. Further, it considers the entry of SMEs that are familiar with local fields and circumstances to realize public-private partnerships and examine the possibility of their participating into the SIBs in Japan. SIBs invite the process improvement of the public procurement. Across SIBs, participation of SMEs in solving social problems conforms to the growth strategy of the Japanese government, and as a result to contribute the process improvement of public procurement.


Social Impact Bonds (SIBs); Youth unemployment; SMEs; Amagasaki; Augsburg, Public procurement



Hosomi, S. (2018). The Amagasaki Pilot Social Impact Bond in Japan -Participation of SMEs in Public Markets-, European Journal of Public Procurement Markets, 1(8), 75-82.